Gato Pingado

Gato Pingado is not the first cafe for cats in Brazil, but it is certainly the coolest. It brings together high-quality specialty coffee, toast and grandma-style cakes served in elegant presentations, worthy of a cat. On the other hand, it does something that very few cat cafes do: it allows customers to not only visit the felines, but adopt these kitties and give them a loving home. All of this housed in a cozy renovated house in the Pinheiros neighborhood in São Paulo.
The design expands the physical barriers of the café, transforming it into a lifestyle brand with products suitable for cats and their humans and through a digital presence that enhances the social function around the stars of the house, the cats.

  • GABRIEL MACOHIN Creative Direction, Strategy, Naming and Design
  • PAULO DOI Strategy, Design, Packaging Design, Illustration, Product Design and Animations
  • RAFAEL ALVES Strategy, Design and Packaging Design
  • FERNANDA LIMA Illustration, Product Design and Packaging Design
  • OSHIRO Photography

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