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Petrikór is a branding office that helps unique companies find and express their voices to the people that matter.

Brands are
literally people.

  • We believe that behind every company and brand and "target audience" there is only one thing:
    And we believe in people.

    Here are a few more things we also believe in:

  • Love
    the art

    We are proud of being designers;
    We believe art and design are two sides of the same coin;
    We believe art and design can touch people;
    We are excited with the medium and the industry;
    We love the process.

  • Passion can change the world

    We believe that doing good is good for business;
    Passionate people drive change;
    We practice positivity and fight negativity;
    Money is a result, not an objective.

  • Always be on the move

    We believe everything can always be improved;
    We believe in self improvement;
    We are self motivated ;
    We embrace risks;
    Cultivate personal projects;
    We are always on the lookout for new things.

  • It's all about the people

    We are client focused;
    We are customer focused;
    We are a team;
    We are people working with people.

  • Be

    We understand and are passionate about their world: Entrepreneurship;
    We believe great companies makes the world a better place;
    We love creating new things;
    We believe entrepreneurship is a tool to make the world a better place.

  • Inspire

    Share it;
    Be the example;
    Create "wow".

  • Gabriel Macohin

    I love design, entrepreneurship and education, I believe that these things are capable of transforming people's lives through experience. That's who I am, a designer, entrepreneur and teacher.

    I started my career as a designer in 2005, at 19 I began my path as an entrepreneur and in 2009 I founded OPZ, a design office focused in identity design. We won a few awards, like IDEA Brasil, worked with great companies and best of all, met a bunch of people with purpose. In 2011 I was invited to teach in the same course I graduated from, and there I found my love for teaching and for the prospect of inspiring people. I started Petrikór in 2018, when I reevaluated my values and purpose.
    I believe that design and entrepreneurship together can transform the world as long as it transforms the way companies and people interact.
    Through all of my path, what matters the most to me are the people I've met.


  • Paulo Doi

    I live in the intersection of design, illustration, music and filmmaking.

    While still in college I co-founded a design firm and after graduating, I joined OPZ and later moved on to Petrikór. I also co-founded CTRL with Gabriel Macohin, a company dedicated to inspiring artists to be better and more active.
    My illustration and animation work has been featured in books, blogs and selected curated online galleries.
    I have a (slightly) unhealthy love for videogames, small synthesisers, 90s sneakers and Japanese culture.
    You can usually find me fiddling away at my OP-Z, working on personal projects or just generally doing too many things at once.
    You can see some of my personal work here. Here are some of the things I love. And some inspiration.




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    Ber Sardi Estúdio - Honorable Mention & Mobile Excellence


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    Cafeteria Filmes Co. - Honorable Mention & Mobile Excellence
AWWWARDS is one of the most renowned awards for design, creativity and innovation for web design.
BIENAL BRASILEIRA DE DESIGN GRÁFICO, organized by ADG is one of the most relevant national design awards.
BRASIL DESIGN AWARD (BDA) , organized by ABEDESIGN is another one of the most renowned national design awards.